• Reflecting on the step up to leadership.

    In the quarter gone, I've been fortunate enough to try out my first leadership role at the BBC. My head has been racing for months; with each new day I've reflected on lessons learned in the role such that I might be able to share them in the future.

    Here's the result: a guide for a past self who…

  • Vim + Language Server Protocol—in 2019.

    A common observation can be made with newcomers to Vim; plethoras of plugins transform the minimal editor into something vaguely resembling an IDE. Often, it's not long until "autocompletion" comes up, and how Vim's apparent lack thereof spawns posts titled "I can't get YouCompleteMe to work"...

    If that sounds uncanny, I speak from a similar experience—like others before me, I too tried YouCompleteMe, Eclim, Tern, Jedi... you may be unsurprised to know I uninstalled the lot

  • Lessons learned from 1000 dotfile commits.

    Recently I made the 1000 commits to my dotfiles, and decided to mark the occasion by open-sourcing them gradually. An unexpected nostalgia came while browsing the 2-year-old git log; workflow revolutionising patterns, learnings and tools evolved in place of which some I'd like to share here.

    Fair warning: this is more my dotfile "philosophy" over a Top 10 list of tools that will change your life!™ Whilst I'm not against such list, it would take me a long infinite time to write and be outdated if I finished, so ¯\(ツ)

  • Champion your passions!

    I did a talk for my team in the BBC about how to champion your ideals. Following is a transcript of the talk with org. details taken out.

    An advantage of working at a place in the tech industry is we get to work with lots of different people, from different backgrounds and with different passions…

  • So long, Boxen!

    In case you’re unacquainted, Boxen is an open source project that can setup your macOS machine(s): it automatically installs apps, developer tools and just about anything else you might need. Unlike third-party backup services, Boxen does this by reading manifest files you provide—thus affording you…